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I need new friends.

I'm 29, gay, male, canadian.

I swear, rant, bitch and brag in my journal.  I'm also very liberal minded and smoke too much pot.

I tend to comment more on the journals that comment on mine... but I read pretty much all of them every day.

Add me, I'll add you back and if we don't mesh, delete me... no harm no foul. 
NAME: Regis Jr.
SEX: Male
AGE: 29

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Heroes, Ugly Betty, Reaper, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Shin-Chan, Chuck, Fairly Odd Parents, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, My Name is Earl, Family Guy, American Dad, Heroes

FAVORITE MOVIES: Star Wars, Friday the 13th, Scream, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Night Watch, SAW, Meet the Robinsons, Superhero movies, (a list of DVDs can be found in my LINKS list when friended). The tend to be a geek when it comes to movies. I seem to perfer Sci-fi and fantasy movies. Though my Father's love for Harry Potter ruined that series for me.

- Big manga and anime geek.... mainly yaoi (boy love).

FAVORITE MANGA/ANIME: FAKE, Kizuna, Passion, Love Mode, Love Recipe, Eerie Queerie, Yami no Matsuei, Our Kingdom, Yellow, Little Butterfly, Innocent Bird, Great Teacher Onizuka, Battle Royale, Junjo Romantica, Level C, Only the Ring Finger Knows, Desire, Blue Seed, Selfish Love, Our Everlasting, Wild Rock, Man's Best Friend, Hero Heel, Jazz, Menkui!, Gravitation, Off*Beat

LOVE gay online comics like Friendly Hostility, Adam & Andy, A Couple of Guys and Troy Comics.

- My music taste varies. I like to call it under the monitor mainstream. I can't stand American Idol so don't expect me to gush about who has been cast off. My main loves seems to be Mika and the Gorillaz.

- My journal of a mixture of fanboying about shows I watch or just getting something off my chest. I am in therapy and discuss that after appointments. My life is as open as I can make it in this journal. I am sick of trying to be what others want me to be in real life. So I express myself in my LJ.

I am kinda agnostic with a pentecostal background. Due to their views on homosexuality, I tend to despise the organize religion system. Though I do believe in God, faith and miracles.

I do have my pervy and gay moments. It's a part of my life. We need to let out a little sexual energy from time to time.

Gay Communty I Host....Collapse )

Friend me if you tend to be nice.....
 Hello All

I will be going to South Africa to do HIV/AIDS related work and am trying to raise money for the cause while I am there and programs in South Africa.

Please visit this site if you can donate anything. This is a  secure site and an email confirmation of your donation would be sent to you immedietly following.  Even $5.00 helps, it's potentially a meal for a child


If you know of anyone, please pass this link around

I have recorded a voice post over on my journal if that helps any. Thanks alot
I'm a 31 year old starving artist (painting and book arts), writer, sometimes designer, and one who re-envisions already made clothes to make them into new things, its kind of like recycling. I am usually working on something and many times more than one thing. I just went back to school to be a teacher, its week 3 and I already have a plethora of stories regarding my adventure in higher ed.

Some of my friends think I'm rather amusing. I'm always out and about and it'd be nice to meet some new england folks for coffee, debates, punk shows, poetry, art exhibits, and/or general silliness.
After being nonexistent in LJ for about a year I've decided to make a comeback. And now that it looks like I'll be sticking around I decided to cast a line out for some new friends. So here goes:

About me:

I'm 38, live in Tampa, FL, was married for 9+ years, currently separated and have a 4 year-old daughter and I'm gay. I just recently came out (after the separation, btw). I blogged about it the other day so you should be able to go back a few days and read about it.

Some of my interests include baseball, hockey, soccer, kayaking, golf and snow skiing. Unfortunately since I live in Florida I can only dream about snow skiing (haven't been since college) but if/when I move up north I'm definitely going to have a go at it.

I'm also a bigtime blogger especially when I've got alot on my mind (such as now). So if you want to get to know me better, then go ahead and add me.
...of the intellectual kind. Looking for new LJ friends to freshen up my friends page. So if a fat, middle-aged, frazzled old queen with a reality TV fixation is your idea of a fun time, add me!
always looking for new people. i am a bit of a geek though so you are warned. i'm 27 and live in ny. if you would like to know more...just ask. i like goofy people. people who kinda stand out:)
So here's the customary HELLO post with a little about me. I am rubbish at these things so bear with me.

Name: Ady (Adrian to my boss)

Age: 26

Location: Manchester, UK

About Me: I could be lazy and point you all to my user profile, but I won't ;-) I work in youth homelessness in Manchester, i'm really into alternative electronic music, i'm vegetarian, very tall, into body modification in a big way, bouncy, chatty, open minded and am shamelessly whoring myself to get to know some new people and expand my circle of LJ-buddies.

My Journal is Friends Only but it only takes a comment to be added!

Good to meet you all.
We appreicate your interest in geolinguist for your journal reading needs.

We understand that you have a wide variety of choices in gay snark and superfluous memes out there, but when it comes to writing about the lack of datable men, youth theater, and the virtues of a Midwestern lifestyle transported to the wilds of Alaska, you have made a wise decision.

You truly understand quality content when you read it.

Thank you, and we appreciate your patronage.

Name: Hank

Age: 49

Location: Fabulous El Lago, TX

Live with my bf and our dogs. Engineer, pretty good in the kitchen, artist when I have the time, father, grandfather. I like to work on my house, play with my dog, ponder the universe. 99.999% drama free.

Currently eating banana bread.