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PLEASE JOIN gay_bookclub

This is a community to share the love of gay themed fiction and non-fiction. Don't worry, if the story is queer, it belongs here. Yaoi and Yuri manga titles are allowed and appreciated too. Remember, this is a place just to share your favorite gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered books and authors. So please make this a fruitful place to shine your literary PRIDE colors.
Okay well here goes...

As the LJ handle suggests I'm digital_jay however to most I am just Jay. I'm the other side of 35, but not at the stage of being 40 for a good few years yet. I live in the UK but have got a fascination for the US, Canada and others but as yet haven't developed matter transmission so its unlikely I will actually get to visit them in this life time.

I have a wide and varied taste in music, television and books; mostly gay themed but not all of it. My television habits extend back as far as Blake's 7, Space 1999, Joe 90 right the way through Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Twin Peaks, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Continuum, Dempsey and Makepeace, Doctor Who and including Space Sentinels, Hong Kong Phooey, Dungeons and Dragons but not forgetting Looney Toons, most hanna barbera as well as Tom and Jerry.

Music mostly anything except Trance, Rave and Death Metal; My favourites extend to: generic pop so long as it has a hook in the beats, linkin' park, pendulum, eddie reader, annie lennox, eurythmics, T'Pau, Heart, cheyenne jackson, and so on. Films: Love my Japanese horrors, The ring trilogy, one missed call trilogy, the grudge, the eye trilogy, shutter, pulse and these are just a few, I do like some western horrors, nightmare on elm street, hellraiser, phantasm, children of the corn. Outside of horrors; some of the tla range, like Dante's Cove, the lair, latter days, be mine, boy culture, cowboys and angels to name a few.

Personality wise, I am quirky and it reflects on my journal. There are days when I get creative and write my Star Trek fan story, and then days when I ramble, other days I write quite in depth about a great many different things and then sometimes I discuss my own life, past relationship, work and also friends but not in a bitchy way more like what we get up to and so on. I am quite the gay activist when it comes to media representations of Gay life and culture; I detest the notion that we are all about sex, porn and drugs; since this is how the media seem to enjoy portraying us.

Anyway more on this if you decide to add me, I have a friend me post, so feel free to spare a comment, I'm more likely to notice to be honest. Well anyway, I've bored you enough with my rambling, I do quite like expanding my friends list, so if you think we may have something to talk about then please feel free to get in touch :)

Hi, I'm about to overtake 30 which won't magically change the experiences I've had from being any less significant in shaping who I am today or make my future someone else's responsibility.

Still new with the journal thing. It's a decent outlet to brain dump some thoughts. Sometimes just go with an opposing argument just to see if someone is open to different perspectives.  Sometimes though, I may either overestimate my ability to communicate or I underestimate in the levels of stupid I should give people credit for.  In saying that, I drink, I smoke, I swear, I eat too much. I swim, I exercise, I work in an office and I prefer savoury to sweet.  That's either the definition of balance or effectively excuses bad choices but chances are I might be a little biased in those decisions.

I'm not hugely involved or completely comfortable with the gay "scene" or "culture". I don't mean in the "Maybe I need to come to terms with myself" sort of way, I mean in the "is every bar I drink at a gay bar? Or is there a minimum gay ratio required". If the "gay community" gave it the gay tag, is it ok if the "straight community" to assume if your gay that you fit?

Ok I'll stop with that debate since its covered off in my journal and a reaction to reading it started with the choice to open it, and subtly change that topic to....
Do I have hobbies?  I like adding new stamps to my passport overseas.  Reading happens in excessive intervals because when I start I churn through them until I realise that if a need a new bookshelf and its only been a couple months, the year might need a bigger apartment to store them all.
I get into a lot of TV shows but before discovering multiple providers of online produced goods and their ability to keep track of what they'd given - I lost interest after missing one or two episodes and staring blankly with absolute confusion in what was going on until the emotional investment to catch up was outweighed by how annoyed the out of context storyline that would need to be watched again had made me.
I'll end with: I support expanding the food group to give cheese and bacon the individual recognition that I definitely think they both deserve :)

Hi, I'm 32 years old (well 33 next week). I'm gay. I just created a journal...mostly just to vent about the struggles of being gay and whatever else I feel like talking about. My journal will have some adult topics (ie sexually graphic commentary) that are marked friends only so I don't want to add any minors and kind of was hoping to friend some people around my age or older who have similar struggles and observations. Anyhow, nice to meet you all.

I'm Rick. I'm an ex-straight 38 year old who's now immersed in the very gay San Francisco Club/Circuit scene. I'm still learning how to be gay and I'm still making mistakes along with way. My journal was private for a while but I decided to make it public. I've been journaling about relationships mostly and about the crazy parties in San Francisco. I'll get more into the Circuit scene in future entries. I've gotten to know a lot of people and have been getting onto more and more guest lists. I think I've gotten my head around how things work and I'll share that info for anyone interested in visiting San Francisco and experiencing it all. There's always a big party every weekend not to mention a rave that starts on Thursday night and goes until Monday morning every week. I've also been traveling to big circuit events outside of San Francisco.

Oh, my life isn't all parties and I talk about that too sometimes. My journal is brutally honest, its the real me. I'm a bit of a geek, a misfit, a rockstar and a delicate flower. I can be insane at times with or without help from various drugs. I'm sometimes self-destructive though I'm working on that. Fear is an emotion that I don't often feel, for better or worse. I can be insecure often and that should be evident in my writing.

So anyway friend me if you dare...
~Age: 40
~Location: Tampa, FL
~Sex: Male
~Height: 5'8"
~Weight: 200
~Hobbies: golf, bowling, sports, movies, reading
~Describe yourself: I'm a bi-curious guy exploring my sexuality. I created this journal for that purpose. So take a look and feel free to add me if you like.
Hey guys my name is Cory and I am 29 years old. I am happily married to my husband and we have a 19 month old son.

I have a family blog, but this blog is my adult one. I usually write random thing and can get a little naughty sometimes.

I am always looking for more friends on LJ and in real life.

I am kind of a geek i like anything sci-fi and i love video games
My name is Ernie, and I'm looking to make some new LJ friends. I turned 41 in January, and I'm looking to read some fresh journals! I really love music...everything from punk to folk to eletronica and the list goes on. My fave is Green Day though...would love to shag Billie Joe Armstrong in a major way! lol
Check my info, and add me if you so desire:D
Hi-I'm George. A few things about me:
I'm about 2 months from the big 4-0. I'm a divorced bi male with a 5 year old daughter living in Tampa, FL with my dog Wolfgang and betta fish Buzz Lightyear. Some of my interests include TV (favorite shows: The Office, The L Word, Queer as Folk, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Monk), movies (too many to name), sports (especially baseball--I'm a Tampa Bay Rays fan) and miscellaneous other activities such as travel, bowling, kayaking and occasionally going to the beach (hey, I live in Florida so the beach is practically in my backyard). So take a minute to look at my profile and if you see anything that interests you, don't hesitate to add me.
HI all.  I'm 26, gay, living in Mississippi. Only been here a couple months from Dallas. I am glad I found this group. I'm a tropical fish hobbyist as well as an artist. More of a hobby than anything else.
I'm not much of a clubber or bar type of guy. More of a coffee shop type.

I'm just really looking to make some good friends on LJ even if its just online. Better than nothing I suppose.

I have a yahoo ID if anybody wants to chat sometime on yahoo just to pass the time away.