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I'm Rick. I'm an ex-straight 38 year old who's now immersed in the very gay San Francisco Club/Circuit scene. I'm still learning how to be gay and I'm still making mistakes along with way. My journal was private for a while but I decided to make it public. I've been journaling about relationships mostly and about the crazy parties in San Francisco. I'll get more into the Circuit scene in future entries. I've gotten to know a lot of people and have been getting onto more and more guest lists. I think I've gotten my head around how things work and I'll share that info for anyone interested in visiting San Francisco and experiencing it all. There's always a big party every weekend not to mention a rave that starts on Thursday night and goes until Monday morning every week. I've also been traveling to big circuit events outside of San Francisco.

Oh, my life isn't all parties and I talk about that too sometimes. My journal is brutally honest, its the real me. I'm a bit of a geek, a misfit, a rockstar and a delicate flower. I can be insane at times with or without help from various drugs. I'm sometimes self-destructive though I'm working on that. Fear is an emotion that I don't often feel, for better or worse. I can be insecure often and that should be evident in my writing.

So anyway friend me if you dare...