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Hi, I'm about to overtake 30 which won't magically change the experiences I've had from being any less significant in shaping who I am today or make my future someone else's responsibility.

Still new with the journal thing. It's a decent outlet to brain dump some thoughts. Sometimes just go with an opposing argument just to see if someone is open to different perspectives.  Sometimes though, I may either overestimate my ability to communicate or I underestimate in the levels of stupid I should give people credit for.  In saying that, I drink, I smoke, I swear, I eat too much. I swim, I exercise, I work in an office and I prefer savoury to sweet.  That's either the definition of balance or effectively excuses bad choices but chances are I might be a little biased in those decisions.

I'm not hugely involved or completely comfortable with the gay "scene" or "culture". I don't mean in the "Maybe I need to come to terms with myself" sort of way, I mean in the "is every bar I drink at a gay bar? Or is there a minimum gay ratio required". If the "gay community" gave it the gay tag, is it ok if the "straight community" to assume if your gay that you fit?

Ok I'll stop with that debate since its covered off in my journal and a reaction to reading it started with the choice to open it, and subtly change that topic to....
Do I have hobbies?  I like adding new stamps to my passport overseas.  Reading happens in excessive intervals because when I start I churn through them until I realise that if a need a new bookshelf and its only been a couple months, the year might need a bigger apartment to store them all.
I get into a lot of TV shows but before discovering multiple providers of online produced goods and their ability to keep track of what they'd given - I lost interest after missing one or two episodes and staring blankly with absolute confusion in what was going on until the emotional investment to catch up was outweighed by how annoyed the out of context storyline that would need to be watched again had made me.
I'll end with: I support expanding the food group to give cheese and bacon the individual recognition that I definitely think they both deserve :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks buddy :) added back. I thought I replied at the time but apparently not - so if you could just imagine a witty, clever and perfection incarnate type reply that the universe decided not to allow until the world was worthy happened....Because thats way better than late reply and what may look like brain failure :p

I'm sure there'll be other things in common though.. but if not then different perspectives are awesome anyway :)