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Okay well here goes...

As the LJ handle suggests I'm digital_jay however to most I am just Jay. I'm the other side of 35, but not at the stage of being 40 for a good few years yet. I live in the UK but have got a fascination for the US, Canada and others but as yet haven't developed matter transmission so its unlikely I will actually get to visit them in this life time.

I have a wide and varied taste in music, television and books; mostly gay themed but not all of it. My television habits extend back as far as Blake's 7, Space 1999, Joe 90 right the way through Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Twin Peaks, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Continuum, Dempsey and Makepeace, Doctor Who and including Space Sentinels, Hong Kong Phooey, Dungeons and Dragons but not forgetting Looney Toons, most hanna barbera as well as Tom and Jerry.

Music mostly anything except Trance, Rave and Death Metal; My favourites extend to: generic pop so long as it has a hook in the beats, linkin' park, pendulum, eddie reader, annie lennox, eurythmics, T'Pau, Heart, cheyenne jackson, and so on. Films: Love my Japanese horrors, The ring trilogy, one missed call trilogy, the grudge, the eye trilogy, shutter, pulse and these are just a few, I do like some western horrors, nightmare on elm street, hellraiser, phantasm, children of the corn. Outside of horrors; some of the tla range, like Dante's Cove, the lair, latter days, be mine, boy culture, cowboys and angels to name a few.

Personality wise, I am quirky and it reflects on my journal. There are days when I get creative and write my Star Trek fan story, and then days when I ramble, other days I write quite in depth about a great many different things and then sometimes I discuss my own life, past relationship, work and also friends but not in a bitchy way more like what we get up to and so on. I am quite the gay activist when it comes to media representations of Gay life and culture; I detest the notion that we are all about sex, porn and drugs; since this is how the media seem to enjoy portraying us.

Anyway more on this if you decide to add me, I have a friend me post, so feel free to spare a comment, I'm more likely to notice to be honest. Well anyway, I've bored you enough with my rambling, I do quite like expanding my friends list, so if you think we may have something to talk about then please feel free to get in touch :)
I've read your friend me post but am unable to leave a comment because you haven't listed me as a friend. I think your journal would be an interesting one to read. I'm adding you; if you read my profile & add me back that would be cool
Consider yourself added. Have been busy this last few weeks and only really now finding the time to get back to writing on it properly again :-) looking forward to getting to know you.